Grassroots activist, radical trans queer, advocate

Radical trans-queer activist justin speaks about issues of the heart and how identity politics often don’t mirror reality.  justin has over 15 years of experience in leadership and social justice based education in educational, religious, and not-for-profit organizations. He has led multicultural queer social justice based trainings in a variety of settings including universities, high schools and middle and elementary schools, social service agencies, churches, and health care organizations.

Firmly grounded in social justice theory and the feminist belief that the personal is political, he challenges audiences to rethink the boxes in which they put themselves and others.

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justin has been speaking in public since he was in sunday school.  After preaching for years, he now uses his charming disposition and natural sense of humour to speak about identity and  social justice.

Workshops with justin are always fun! (photo by: Marcela Villada Peacock)

justin references his influences, including Emma Goldman, Judith Butler, Noah Levine, Virginia Woolf, Amy Carmichael, and Subcomandante Marcos, on a regular basis in hopes to inspire others to read their works and learn about radical history of all kinds.

“Not only is justin a charming, warm, caring, talented, brilliant and engaged
human being, he’s also a compelling speaker. I’ve heard Justin present, and I
was deeply impressed by his ability to discuss complex issues in a way that is
accessible, smart, amusing and moving. Justin has a lot to say, and I hope he
never shuts up!”
-Robyn Ochs

“That was the most FUN, informative & insightful workshop that I’ve had here on campus in the 8 ½ years I’ve been here and all I’ve been “forced” to participate in. I really wanted to thank you for not only being able to help this office, but I’m incredibly grateful you’re here for our student body too.”
-Nicole Wilson
Office of the Registrar, Williams College

“THANK YOU so much for coming to the 2012 UMass Dartmouth LGBT Youth Symposium !! You really rocked it so hard. we gave the students evaluations, and 80% said that their favorite part of the day was your presentation…because you were very informative yet very funny :) Great stuff !”
-Amanda Fraser
Programming Coordinator UMass Dartmouth Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality

“justin speaks from the heart and has a way of challenging the listener to question their own assumptions about the world, each other, and themselves.  His honesty and insight will inspire a whole new generation of people to live their truth.”
-Dru Levasseur

“Thanks, justin.  We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last Friday and learned a lot.  It has already made me much more alert to innuendos and slang that I need to address promptly.”
-Jeanne Filiault
Principal Hancock Elementary School

“Now is a critical time to be an LGBTQ and ally leader, as public opinion is shaped. The time we spend as leaders impacts who we are, whom we love, how we choose to live, and how we can live in our communities. These are opportunities to create change to transform our own lives and the lives of those around us. I had the good fortune of becoming friends with justin adkins some years ago, and I learned quickly that he is a powerful leader in inspiring this kind of cultural change. On countless occasions, I have witnessed justin fearlessly fight for the LGBTQ community and set forth to educate those around them, including his antagonists. justin does a masterful job when speaking about this cause that he is so passionate about and it is with great enthusiasm I throw my support behind any venture justin undertake.”
-Shani London-Kane